A trusted translator can help you bring continents closer

One of my German colleagues always said: “Ilona’s language skills are unparalleled. She reviews every translation with eagle eyes.”

Let me introduce myself…

I am of Belgian origin and have dual citizenship (Belgian/American). In addition to French and German, I am fluent in English, my third language, on account of having worked and lived for 28 years in the United States. German is my primary native tongue, but I was raised bilingually in Lontzen/Belgium close to Aachen/Germany.

In July 1993, I accepted a position as a localization expert, linguist and translator at Soft-Art, Inc. in the United States (focused on German/English). I subsequently obtained my permanent residence (“Green Card”) on 11/04/2002 through my employer, ASG Technologies, Inc. (formerly known as Allen Systems Group, Inc.) and my U.S. citizenship independently on 2/25/2009.

My degree as “Licencié-Traducteur” was recognized as a “Master’s in Translation” by U.S. Immigration Services in 1995, and I have 32 years of professional experience which I gained on both sides of the Atlantic with:

ASG Technologies, Inc.: Senior Human Resource Translator (French/German/English)

J.P. MORGAN Trust Company of New York – Euroclear: Translator
(English – German), Publication Management

European Committee for Standardization 
(Comité Européen de Normalisation /CEN), Brussels/Belgium: Technical Editor  (German, French & English) 

Soft-Art, Inc., Marco Island, Florida, USA: 
Localization Expert, Linguist & Translator

Law Office Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton, Brussels/Belgium:
(headquarters: New York, USA)

In particular, I would like to emphasize that my specialty is to provide translations in the legal/Human Resource related field as I primarily worked in this field for 23 years at ASG Technologies, Inc.

Please refer to my resume

My Philosophy and Approach

Experience of a Life Time

I believe that it takes a lifetime to become an accomplished translator. Even after 30 years of experience in the legal translation field I keep learning every day.

Project success factor

My language skills have increased and become refined over time, but I will never be able to say that I am done learning. This is why writing translations has become my passion to achieve the best results.

Fine Art of Accuracy

Providing translations with accuracy is an art and a craft requiring collaboration between a linguist and reviser in one person. It takes a great deal of refined knowledge of the source and target language to use the correct terminology, syntax, style, and verbiage in general to reflect the meaning, tone, and the underlying intent of the source text.

Project success factor

I review and re-review my translations for 100% accuracy as I take pride in my work.

Artisanal Translations

I am the “old school” translation artisan; I approach a text as a human translator and look upon machine translations with a very critical eye as I always end up editing them heavily. Machine translations must be used carefully and wisely as they will never be perfect. The human knowledge of languages, the expertise and human intelligence in general are irreplaceable.

Project success factor

I am trilingual (FR/GE/EN) and I have been fully immerged in the respective cultures since I have lived half of my life in Europe and half of my life in the US.
My mission is to serve as a liaison and to connect both worlds.

Translator’s Code of Trust

I am a trilingual translator seeking excellence, engagement, and unparalleled dedication to precision, detail, and timely responsiveness. During more than 30 years of employment I cherished not only my work, but the relationship to my colleagues and managers, which fostered trust and friendship.

Project success factor

Clients can count on me like a trusted friend. I value them and will always promote a trustworthy business relationship as trust and friendship have always been the foundation of my work and the greatest motivation to accomplish all jobs in a timely manner.