How I can help your business grow

Translations are a vital component of the global workspace. I am confident that accurate, timely and quality translations from French, German into English and vice versa will help you and your team get ahead to overcome language barriers among transatlantic business partners and clients, and/or help you market your products overseas.

Translations boost productivity

Translations empower the global workplace.

Translations are necessary to spread information, knowledge, and ideas, to ensure effective and empathetic communication among different cultures. In particular, I can provide you with translations of any kind of contracts (including employment contracts), ppt presentations, Minutes of meetings, actuarial reports, legal documents (including court documents, briefs, correspondence), sales reports, financial documents, marketing brochures, company policies, internal communications, office leases, job descriptions, employee reviews, information security and privacy policies, etc.

Language and culture go hand-in-hand

Not only am I trilingual (German, French, English), and therefore can provide translations in any of the 6 directions you may need
(German/French >< English or French >< German), but I also deeply immersed myself in the respective cultures.

Having lived, grown up, worked and raised a family in the far flung climes of Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States, I am well-versed and adept in the nuances of each culture and know how to bridge the gap linguistically and culturally.

Outsource to the best

I am a seasoned translator.

Having worked in a remote office for most of the past two decades,
I have developed advanced communication skills for connecting with colleagues (and soon to become friends) across the globe. I am not an advocate of computer assisted translation (CAT) tools as they do not warrant confidentiality and cannot discern language subtleties. You may not find obvious mistakes, but so-called “false friends”, or discrepancies in regards to the meaning and/or interpretation of the original that can be critical, in particular in legal translations. Also, whenever I find a mistake in the source document, I will point it out to the client. Computer assisted translation tools would not be able to provide this kind of service.